The Steak House

Located on the famous Rambla de Catalunya, just in the centre of Barcelona. It is the heart of the city and it is just a few steps from the famous Plaza Catalunya. A place where you will find a lot of life both day and night. Several restaurants and shops surround us that make it an area to leave home to share with friends or family.

why choose our matured meat cuts?

Our animals are female cattle over 10 years and the benefits of dy maturation are taste and tenderness, it is the flavor that presents significant changes with long maturations.


This process can last from 30 to 100 days depending on the amount of fat developed, generating notes on the palate of nuts, and even some matured cheese.



The factor by which endogenous enzymes, present in meat, causes the connective tissues of the
muscle gradually unravel, obtaining a unique texture in the meat.


the outer molds are not harmful to the piece, but form a crust that is cleaned when serving the product. These moulds, together with the enzymes mentioned above, also enhance the taste of meat..


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